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When we were children years ago, we used to play video games late into the night and, beyond the screen, the only thing visible was the LED from the console. That little light was our guide, indicating that our dreams were linked in that colorful and lively electronic fantasy.

That little light was small but very shining.

We are a small studio, performing all those animated dreams. The pure electronic nostalgia framed by a time when games were simpler and their mission was to really make the player to have fun.


That little leds will shine again, in our hearts.

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Av. Ipiranga, 104, São Paulo, Brazil

AVIDO is a gaming company, we are located here in the Republic, one of the traditional neighborhoods of downtown São Paulo, in the chaos of this gigantic city decided to create games that have the ability to disconnect from day to day, this idea came in 2014 after 20 years of experience in media, advertising and conventional development market and from there we work and play with our projects.

We are in finalizing the development of our first two games and one of them can already be seen in the stores of Apple and Google. The first “Shoot The Clown KIDS” is a reinterpretation of the circus season, aimed at children the idea and throw pies at clowns and of course have fun with them.

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Rua Elisa da Silveira, 454

Teoli Soundworks is a small game audio company focused exclusively in games.

Created by the awarded Antonio Teoli, the pioneer on Game Audio in Brazil, he started on the industry in 2002 and scored almost 500 games for the most different types of platforms, such as mobile, PC, Console and even Mega Drive and Master-System, released by Tec-Toy until today and for the most unique and important clients such as Wooga, Level Up, Disney, Samsung, Globo TV, Second Life, Taikodom, Tec-Toy, Coca-Cola, Barbie, Hazit, Devworks and others.

With that portfolio, is easy to know why Teoli Soundworks is a must go company to create the sounds for your game. With a small but talented team leaded by Teoli in the journey of bring the best sounds ever for any type of game, our focus is not just simply create music or sound effects for your game but actually, bring it to life and touch people with joy and fun.


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7Sounds was created in order to support the Independent Game Industry around the world. Our Wizards are ready to provide you with the best solutions in Game Audio such as Music Composition, Sound Design, Integration, Voice Over and Localization, all with the highest quality, the comfort of a service performed entirely at distance and at an affordable price. 

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Rua Coronel Madureira, 40, Loja 09 - Parte - Centro - Saquarema

Nós da Midipixel viemos para comer chiclete e fazer jogos. E estamos sem nenhum chiclete.

A Midipixel foi fundada por dois ex-membros da Nano Studio, ambos com mais de uma década de experiência no desenvolvimento de jogos e aplicativos.

Mas o que isso significa? Você se pergunta: isso é mesmo importante? Importa que a Midipixel foque na elaboração de soluções e experiências complexas, ricas em interatividade e conteúdo audiovisual?

Um pouquinho.

O que importa mesmo, no entanto, é que amamos o que fazemos. E amamos fazer direito.

O que vale mais ainda para nossos games autorais, onde podemos experimentar em áreas pouco exploradas pelos jogos eletrônicos, buscando novas mecânicas e formas de comunicação possibilitadas por esta forma de arte tão expressiva. Ou simplesmente queremos que você exploda coisas. Talvez um pouco dos dois?

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Tatak Audio is an audio production company based in Florianópolis. The company started in 2013 and is run by Christopher Scullion. We compose and record music, sound design, edit, mix and finalize audio for various projects for TV, internet, documentaries and games.

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Camburiú Street - São Paulo, SP

Brazilian Audio Company, located in São Paulo.  We are a team of people that love games and films and we’re currently offering the services of music composition, sound design, voice acting, foley and mixing. Recently we’ve added a new service of Graphic and Art Ilustration for games too.

Our company have been working over the years in the area of soundtrack for films, musical theater, and audio production in general. Recently we’ve changed our attention to the game industry and started working on making music and sounds for games.

We believe in the principle that the sound must give the player the immersive sensation of being in a new and exciting world where he can control,  feel and hear all that surrounds him. A change in the background music when the player enters a new area of the game can intensify all of the player’s emotions, even if he is not aware of the musical change. A good sound effect with the right ambience can make the actions in game and the general soundscape feel more realistic and thrilling.

Now we try to bring to the game industry all that we’ve learn in our past years, plus some new and fresh ideias to make the game sound experience even more intense and immersive.



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Banana Street, 204 - Rio Branco, AC

Indepedent game company located in Acre – Brazil, is now producing a game who tell the history of the region with a fun touch.

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Voluntários da Pátria Street, 3495 - São Paulo, SP

Izotonic Games is a Brazilian game development studio born with the purpose of developing high-quality games and interactive experiences. We’ve worked with large brands and companies, casual games, advergames and 3D design for current platforms. Izotonic is made of Design, Programming and Commerce professionals willing to meet the most demanding professional standards.

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Av Professor João Brasil, 407 , Niterói , RJ Brazil

We are a cool video game company from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Skywatch is formed by the remnants of GameDevUFF’s Development Team (also known as Frogbyte), a student-based development group formed in 2009 in a meeting at UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense). We’ve been working together ever since but it only started to be a real business in 2013, when the Brazilian gaming industry smiled upon us.

We’re currently working on a game-based education platform and making game prototypes on our secret lab.

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Calçada das Acácias, 22

Maria Fumaça Sounds is a sound producer with expertise in sound design and soundtrack creation. Among our most notable accomplishments are the voice dub for Max Payne 3 & recording and production for Emicida (rapper).

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José Anastácio Velano Street, 27 - São Paulo, SP

F/X Studios offers all sort of Audio services you need, producing sound tracks, sound effects, stereo audio, 5.1 audio, voice acting and translating. We also offer localization services and, in tandem with F/X Filmes, produce high-quality video and video editing.

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