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Av. Ipiranga, 104, São Paulo, Brazil

AVIDO is a gaming company, we are located here in the Republic, one of the traditional neighborhoods of downtown São Paulo, in the chaos of this gigantic city decided to create games that have the ability to disconnect from day to day, this idea came in 2014 after 20 years of experience in media, advertising and conventional development market and from there we work and play with our projects.

We are in finalizing the development of our first two games and one of them can already be seen in the stores of Apple and Google. The first “Shoot The Clown KIDS” is a reinterpretation of the circus season, aimed at children the idea and throw pies at clowns and of course have fun with them.

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Av. Flávio dos Santos, 372

A Gamelyst vem para revolucionar o mercado de Jogos Digitais, somos a “Netflix para jogos de computador”.
A partir de um valor fixo mensal você tem acesso a todos os jogos dentro de uma plataforma instalada em seu computador.
Aos nossos parceiros, desenvolvedores e estúdios oferecemos novo meio de divulgação e receita recorrente!

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+55 11 51716940

Avenida Nova Independência, 87, São Paulo

Sioux is an interactive technology agency and has established itself as one of the top reference on gamification, advergames and gaming development in Brazil. Founded in 2001, the company has 4 main businesses unities: Play (game publisher), Tech (development), COMM (digital marketing) and IP (our own products). Sioux has over 1,300 project developed and more than 4M downloads in our apps. 

Working with companies like Santander, Brookfield, Warner Bros, Grow, Estrela, FTD, Pearson, Atento, Cinemark, Europ, Diamond, Ubisoft, Ingenico and others, our goal is to create connections between people and brands, in an engagement way thru technology. 

Visit our web site for more information or follow us on Facebook:



  • WAR: Featured on App Store
  • Brincando com Palavras: Featured on App Store
  • Brincando na rede: Web Award on Education Standard
  • Dead Punch: Top App on Russia Windows Store
  • EcoCity: Best Social Game in 2011 on BGS


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+55 11 55393001

R. Humberto I, 318, São Paulo

Virgo is a game development studio specialized in games for learning and social impact, aiming to solve real world problems. We believe in the power of games to promote insightful reflections, to support contextualized and meaningful learning and to bring positive social impact on pressing issues of our society.

The company was founded in 2005 and has published more than 30 titles in partnership with leading global organizations as Sesame Workshop, UNESCO and Volkswagen Foundation.

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lersundi 9, bilbao, spain

WiMi5 is a cloud-based platform to create, publish and monetize HTML5 casual games.

Wimi5 is a great solution for indie studios and freelancers, giving you access to the feature rich world of HTML5 games, our simple time-saving tools let you create customized video games for clients, brands and creative projects.

A powerful tool for students and teachers who want to teach the principles of game programming in a fun and visual way.The visual editor lets non-programmers create HTML5 games and expert developers produce games faster than coding.The perfect solution to create and publish HTML5 casual games, and monetize virtual goods using a Free-to-Play business model

The WiMi5 visual editor lets non-programmers create HTML5 games and expert developers produce games faster than coding.

It is the perfect solution to create and publish HTML5 casual games, and monetize virtual goods using a Free-to-Play business model

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+55 21 24295160

Avenida das Américas 8445, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro

Nuuvem is a digital distribution platform focused towards the Latin America market. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we’ve partnered with companies such as T2 (Rockstar and 2K), Ubisoft, Konami, Codemasters, EA and more than 100 publishers and developers around the globe to help them build their digital presence in Latin America.

We are also creating new technologies which will impact the global PC gaming market.

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+55 11 991-538-900

São Paulo, SP

PlayPhone is powering a new generation of mobile gaming. PlayPhone’s social gaming platform enables mobile operators to easily offer their customers a leading edge, personalized gaming experience with the most advanced social gaming features available today.

PlayPhone reaches more than a billion mobile subscribers worldwide via game stores live on Verizon, Sprint, SingTel, Telkomsel, Vivo, Claro, TIM, Virgin Mobile, Mobily and Boost Mobile – with more operators coming soon. In addition, PlayPhone lets game developers launch games globally and access carrier billing for all game stores plus a complete toolbox of social and monetization features using a single integration SDK.



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Pasteur Avenue, 400 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Kolks Games is a social network made for Brazilian game developers, with services like inbox, wall, game publishing spaces, professional opportunities, discussion groups, and others.

It is also a online education space, with online courses and many educational material.

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+55 15 30335835

Rudolf Dafferner Avenue, 400, Office 117 - Sorocaba, SP

Smyowl is a Brazilian game company started in January 2012 at the city of Sorocaba, state of São Paulo. Smyowl is dedicated to the development, publishing and operation of digital and board games directly to the consumer market. We also provide third-party development services to selected partners and clients.

Our main differential is a multidisciplinary team comprised of 22 full time talented employees, with competences that target all areas of game conception, artistic creation, coding, publishing, marketing and operation. With this structure, we are able to develop all our products and projects internally and offer excellent cost, delivery time and quality. In addition, the most important aspect of all: we are all passionate about video games and technology!

As of September 2014, Smyowl has released 12 self-published games in the Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Amazon Kindle and Facebook platforms, and delivered projects to clients like Microsoft, Intel, HP, Lenovo, Engineering College of Sorocaba, Newton Paiva University, Splice Group, amongst others. We are also founders and supporters of the local IGDA Chapter.

Amongst our self-published products, we can highlight Button Soccer, with over 1 million downloads and counting; The Magic Farm, a digital interactive e-book collection presented in both Portuguese and English; Cave Coaster, a beautiful and fun casual action game with procedural generated levels and items that guarantee that every run is different from the others; and Familia Spacial Trapezio, one of the most recent releases and developed in partnership with intellectual properties from one of the most traditional and popular kid franchises in Brazil.

And there is many more to come: Smyowl is preparing to enter the physical board games market with the crossover between digital and real worldgame Kron – a mix between the easy to learn traditional dice mechanics and collectible card battles. The game is slated for an early 2015 Kickstarter campaign and worldwide release. The team is also working on a 2D Multiplayer Online Battle (MOBA) game with cartoony graphics.

All our published and future games will be available for demonstration during Games Connection Paris 2014, and we are looking forward to establish new strategic global partnerships to bring our products to a broader worldwide audience, or companies with interesting new games that we could distribute, publish or operate in Brazil.


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+55 (47) 9110-2323

Joinville, SC

We believe in the potential of Brazilian developers of digital games and work for the Brazilian market for games is getting better.


Add value to digital games and developers to increase the visibility of the same sector, improving the perceived value of the Brazilian population “gamer” with games developed by Brazilians, driving games in the Brazilian and international markets.

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+55 11 39582245

Brig. Faria Lima Avenue, 1.461 - 01452-002 São Paulo, SP

What we do:

  • scale in all relevant, profitable markets
  • invest quickly and heavily in media / user acquisition according to a game’s commercial potential
  • build up and operate a sustainable, individual social media presence for your game
  • One Stop Integration: integrate with major social networks, portals and TV stations
  • handle and continuously optimize all international business operations and money streams
  • able to show you best practices for single and cross platform, in order to enable you to structure your company and be ready for international success

How it works:

  • Create and run your game independently
  • Keep your creative and technical freedom for all developments, and stay empowered in your product decisions
  • Don’t give up equity or sign away options – single product partnerships only
  • Our business credo: dedicate to your game, take on substantial risk, share the profits

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+55 11 968285744

Av Prof. Lineu Prestes, 2242, , São Paulo

Naked Monkey Games develops apps, mainly games, for multiple platforms. Our partners have a background in successful startups, working on successful titles such as Ant-Smasher and Bunny Shooter. Currently, Naked Monkey Games is in partnership with large companies such as Nokia & Intel.

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