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Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1912

Gixer Game Studio is a game development company focused on entertainment software. Motivated by the desire of raising the quality & innovation level in the market, we strive to always top ourselves off no matter the challenge.

Our team is one of the few in Brazil to contain certified Game Developers, awarded for their innovative ideas and implementations in digital games. This team of closely-knit personalities works in tandem with our 3D specialists, placing us in a strategic position to tackle most diverse challenges – may those be iOS, Facebook, or PC and Console games.

We have the solution for your problem.

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Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

Umbu Games is a Brazilian game development company, we develop unique and creative experiences in games for entertainment, education and advertising using traditional or new technology like virtual and augmented reality. The company was founded in 2015 and we are the proud creators of Death’s Life. In 2017, Umbu Games received investment and acceleration from Gamefounders, one of the biggest and best accelerators for game companies in the world. During that time, we had great mentors and acquired great knowledge.

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Av. Ipiranga, 104, São Paulo, Brazil

AVIDO is a gaming company, we are located here in the Republic, one of the traditional neighborhoods of downtown São Paulo, in the chaos of this gigantic city decided to create games that have the ability to disconnect from day to day, this idea came in 2014 after 20 years of experience in media, advertising and conventional development market and from there we work and play with our projects.

We are in finalizing the development of our first two games and one of them can already be seen in the stores of Apple and Google. The first “Shoot The Clown KIDS” is a reinterpretation of the circus season, aimed at children the idea and throw pies at clowns and of course have fun with them.

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São Paulo, avenida paulista 1111

Empresa focada em consultoria em gamificação, abordando as temáticas do lúdico com artigos, palestras, aulas, consultorias e debates dentro do mundo de jogos e experiência humana em relação a eles.

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rua artur Araripe

Formed by online industry veterans with 25+ years of combined experience, RightZero acts as an one stop shop online business consultant, guiding  foreign companies on all aspects of setting up their business in Brazil.

Our main areas of expertise are Games, Music and E-commerce.

RightZero can act prior, during or after your company is set up in Brazil, providing a broad set of services

  • Market Research
  • Product Analysis
  • Consumer Knowledge
  • Payment/Marketing Parnerships
  • Recruiting
  • Tax & Legal Advise

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Rua Coronel Madureira, 40, Loja 09 - Parte - Centro - Saquarema

Nós da Midipixel viemos para comer chiclete e fazer jogos. E estamos sem nenhum chiclete.

A Midipixel foi fundada por dois ex-membros da Nano Studio, ambos com mais de uma década de experiência no desenvolvimento de jogos e aplicativos.

Mas o que isso significa? Você se pergunta: isso é mesmo importante? Importa que a Midipixel foque na elaboração de soluções e experiências complexas, ricas em interatividade e conteúdo audiovisual?

Um pouquinho.

O que importa mesmo, no entanto, é que amamos o que fazemos. E amamos fazer direito.

O que vale mais ainda para nossos games autorais, onde podemos experimentar em áreas pouco exploradas pelos jogos eletrônicos, buscando novas mecânicas e formas de comunicação possibilitadas por esta forma de arte tão expressiva. Ou simplesmente queremos que você exploda coisas. Talvez um pouco dos dois?

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+55 11 985976547

Indianópolis Avenue, 2433, Floor 2 - São Paulo, SP

QUByte Interactive is an independent video game development and interactive studio by an skillful team with more than 15 years of experience in interactive content. We really care about games and entertainment.
With more than 10 millions of downloads of our games We have the know-how to develop for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Sony PS3 and social networks!
Our market is global and our products reach Middle East, North America, South America, India, China and Europe.
But our great partner and the meaning of our hard work is the player!
Lets build a better world with more fun! ; )

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+55 51 93775222

Rua Duque de Caxias, Porto Alegre

We can do games!

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+55 11 991-538-900

São Paulo, SP

PlayPhone is powering a new generation of mobile gaming. PlayPhone’s social gaming platform enables mobile operators to easily offer their customers a leading edge, personalized gaming experience with the most advanced social gaming features available today.

PlayPhone reaches more than a billion mobile subscribers worldwide via game stores live on Verizon, Sprint, SingTel, Telkomsel, Vivo, Claro, TIM, Virgin Mobile, Mobily and Boost Mobile – with more operators coming soon. In addition, PlayPhone lets game developers launch games globally and access carrier billing for all game stores plus a complete toolbox of social and monetization features using a single integration SDK.



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+55 31 98478319

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

The Mup Studios is a company dedicated to the development of cultural and educational content, which aims to foster the desire and the knowledge of young people and adults in Brazilian literature. To achieve this goal we chose digital games as a tool, because they have an ability that enhances the immersive experience and are widespread in the contemporary world.

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+55 48 91177299

Haroldo Soares Glavan, 1093, Florianópolis, SC

Casthalia focuses on creating meaningful experiences through serious games. We have experience developing titles for people of all ages, inventing unique characters, histories and contexts. We have experience developing educational and training tools, with many types of content: scientific, artistic, technical, environmental, social, behavioral,  medical and much more.

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+55 27 999032832

José Alexandre Buaiz Street, 300, Office 905 - Vitória, ES

Victory Island Studios is a game development company that was born out of the desire of working with what we love.

Today, Victory Island develops games for browsers, mobile, social, PC and Mac platforms as well as offering game development courses & classes.

We also organize talks, speaks & lectures in local, national & international events.

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