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Av. Ipiranga, 104, São Paulo, Brazil

AVIDO is a gaming company, we are located here in the Republic, one of the traditional neighborhoods of downtown São Paulo, in the chaos of this gigantic city decided to create games that have the ability to disconnect from day to day, this idea came in 2014 after 20 years of experience in media, advertising and conventional development market and from there we work and play with our projects.

We are in finalizing the development of our first two games and one of them can already be seen in the stores of Apple and Google. The first “Shoot The Clown KIDS” is a reinterpretation of the circus season, aimed at children the idea and throw pies at clowns and of course have fun with them.

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Alameda Rio Negro, 1105 - Conj. 42, Barueri

VM2 Agency has started in early 2000 developmenting web projects and on-line advertising. It’s has been developing games since 2007 for companys like Samsung, Europa Films, Panco, CVC and Englishtown.

We develop for iOS, Android, PC and MAC plataforms using multiplataforms resources like Actionscript 3.0, Unity and HTML 5.0.

We manage every creation process in our projects: game design, script, soundtrack, sound effects, voice acting, illustration, animation, design and programming.

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Pasteur Avenue, 400 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Kolks Games is a social network made for Brazilian game developers, with services like inbox, wall, game publishing spaces, professional opportunities, discussion groups, and others.

It is also a online education space, with online courses and many educational material.

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Maria Luiza Avenue - Sacra Família do Tinguá, RJ

Pioneer because it was the first degree in digital games of the federal network of public schools (Institutes and Universities) in Brazil. Maintained by the brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) the course is completely free and welcomes young people from all over the country. The course lasts for six periods, each focusing on one of the following themes: Games in 2D, 3D Games, Network Gaming, Games to Consoles, Mobile Devices Games and Digital TV Games. To study, it is necessary that the candidate has performed the ENEM and register the Unified Selection System (SiSU). The course offers complete laboratories with latest software, broadband system of high quality and internal fiber networks and WiFi. In addition, students will find a library with specialized collection, with more than 2.000 titles.

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Avenida Unisinos, 950 - São Leopoldo, RS

Experimental game development studio for Technology Graduates majoring in Digital Games at the Unisinos University.

We strive to prepare developers for the job market while encouraging creative development in the games industry.

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