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Rua General Silvestre Rocha, 19 / 403 Icarai - Niteroi / RJ

Donsoft Entertainment is a 100% Brazilian game consulting and production company whose main purpose is to carry out interactive and innovative works  about our culture and folklore for players of all ages, from our country and beyond.

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Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1912

Gixer Game Studio is a game development company focused on entertainment software. Motivated by the desire of raising the quality & innovation level in the market, we strive to always top ourselves off no matter the challenge.

Our team is one of the few in Brazil to contain certified Game Developers, awarded for their innovative ideas and implementations in digital games. This team of closely-knit personalities works in tandem with our 3D specialists, placing us in a strategic position to tackle most diverse challenges – may those be iOS, Facebook, or PC and Console games.

We have the solution for your problem.

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Rua Mourato Coelho, 1224 - São Paulo / SP

mdois is an audio production company located in São Paulo, Brazil. We help our clients visualize creative solutions using sound as a medium, making their projects’ narratives more immersive, interactive and effective. Prioritizing qualities such as research, texture and objectivity in everything we do, we efficiently develop many artistic projects through a wide array of musical styles, from great orchestral projects to interactive electronic music, creating specific solutions for each necessity.

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Rua Barao de Itapetininga, 273, sao paulo, sp

Indie Game Developer and Outsourcing Company.

Operating from the USA and Brazil.


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Pça dos Inconfidentes, 03 - São Paulo / SP

IMUSI is an audio production company with a large experience in sound creation. We develop soundesign, vocal (acting or singing) and incredible soundtracks for many projects with different applications. Ivan Teixeira is an IMUSI’s main producer and his experience through musical career always brings a fresh air and the correct mood for more than 400 produced projects. In our recording studio, anything can be created. It’s true. We work in a everything-we-can-do concept. A statement that we follow and proudly reach.

A 100% Brazilian Company, for the brazilian market and to the world.

Try us!

Contact us!

If you have a project for the sound creation, we will give the best production ever.

Always. IMUSI.

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Rua Anturios, 166

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Square 12 aims to provide the best relationship between a company’s marketing plan and its public. We work with the best gaming development platforms and also prioritize the good relationship with our customers.

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Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

Umbu Games is a Brazilian game development company, we develop unique and creative experiences in games for entertainment, education and advertising using traditional or new technology like virtual and augmented reality. The company was founded in 2015 and we are the proud creators of Death’s Life. In 2017, Umbu Games received investment and acceleration from Gamefounders, one of the biggest and best accelerators for game companies in the world. During that time, we had great mentors and acquired great knowledge.

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Av. Carlos Gomes 1155/503 Porto Alegre, RS

Full game localization solution from and into English, LatAm Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Our goal is to make the gamer experience unforgettable by binding top quality translation to superb regional voice over in a modern studio environment. With offices in Buenos Aires and Porto Alegre our internal teams include game-savvy linguists and project managers and our portfolio shows over 50 games localized – many of them AAA titles. Our studio partners in Buenos Aires, Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Los Angeles offer state of the art technology coupled with experienced artistic directors and sound experts to secure the most challenging releases.

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Brasília - DF

Founded by Eduardo Zolhof, EZ Audio Labs is a company that provides audio solutions to all sorts of digital media. With clients from all over the world, our services include: soundtracks, sound design, voice-over, localization, game audio integration and audio post production.

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Rua Gonçalves Dias, 152 - Porto Alegre - RS

Brazilian audio production company with over 25 years of experience. We create sound for everything. Original music, sound design and dubbing for Brazilian Portuguese, with over 40 titles with some of the best dubbed AAA games in Brazil. We also produce localization from Brazilian Portuguese to English with native professional voice actors based in Los Angeles, and to Latin America Spanish, with professional voice actors based in Buenos Aires. 

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When we were children years ago, we used to play video games late into the night and, beyond the screen, the only thing visible was the LED from the console. That little light was our guide, indicating that our dreams were linked in that colorful and lively electronic fantasy.

That little light was small but very shining.

We are a small studio, performing all those animated dreams. The pure electronic nostalgia framed by a time when games were simpler and their mission was to really make the player to have fun.


That little leds will shine again, in our hearts.

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Rua Armando de Oliveira Cobra 50, sala 713 - São José dos Campos - SP

Flipflop lab is a software development company that has as its main niche the gaming market. With 3 years and several games available for android and iOS, Flipflop Lab has been growing significantly and gaining its respect in the market, and becoming more and more original and resilient.

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