Rockhead Games

Rio Grande do Sul

+55 51 30194177

Rockhead Games is focused on projects designed for PC & consoles and next-gen handheld devices. These are our principles:

  • We are committed to create fun, deliver memorable moments, lead to imaginary worlds, present living characters, and challenge people by revisiting elements of the classic games, back to our time.
  • We strive to make elegant solutions, created as a custom outfit. Modular technology that adjust to the platform strengths and game features, as a glove.
  • And at last, but not least, we aim deliver valuable content to the public. Our goal relies on fair play and positive meanings, targeted for individual and collective growth.

Pixel Shaper, 2011,
Master of Words, 2012,
Recycle Game, 2013,
Ronaldinho Super Dash, 2014,

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