Firmino Fontes Street, 167, Office 3 - Aracaju, SE

+55 79 81143066

Lumentech is brazilian based game development studio creating games since 2004. We have created over 40 successful projects using multiple technologies in several platforms. Flash and Unity 3D projects are our expertise, and we have plenty of experience in real time multiplayer games, using the industry standard Smart Fox Server.

Through these years the company has developed a consistent technical line of work and marketing approach, in 2007 we began working with outsourced productions and since then we have been working with customer base companies from many countries, such as Finland, India, Japan, United States and Brazil. With a well trained and motivated team, we value dynamism and efficiency in our activities, what allows us to introduce modern concepts to our creations.

Outsourcing allows companies to focus their efforts in their original activities and main goals, while the contracted company executes all the hard work. The partnership with outsourcing companies brings faster results and creates better quality products. By using our professionals to create games, the contractor will not have to worry about hiring and training people or even understanding all the details of a game’s development process. The contractor will have a close look and follow the evolution of the project through daily reports and accessing our issue tracking system, where progress can be measured and understood at any time. We work with fixed price, long duration projects or by man/hour values. Contact us and let us know about your plans.

Jimmy Hunter, 2014,
Don't Piss Me Off, 2014,
Deatline, 2014,
Ba'kab Glyphs, 2014,

Velozes do Oeste, Traffic Slam, ARENA, Missão H18, Agente 41, Desafio Fantasma, Medievo

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