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Founded in 2011, in the verge of expansion of social networks and smartphones, 2Mundos was created with a mission: To bring a new generation of digital content to the Latin American Market. After our initial goal and the partnership with companies around the world, 2Mundos have been getting the trust and recognition of big enterprises in the education, media, and technology sector, developing games, multiplatform apps, and digital platforms. With clients in LATAM, USA, and Europe, 2Mundos brings the Latino multicultural experience to provide the best possible solution in a globalized world.
With a very strong technical team, 2Mundos have the commitment in collaborating together with its partners and clients to create the best strategies and/or alternatives in the technical world. As a result, if your company needs to explore a new distribution channel, digital marketing channel, and/or business channel, it will be a privilege to help your company build the best possible solution for the challenges that it may face in this new era.

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