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Juiz de Fora - Minas Gerais - Brasil

   DAVILA GAMES é a produtora de jogos digitais criada por Yuri d Ávila em 2007 na cidade de Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, BRASIL. Yuri trabalhou na DEVWORKS em São Paulo, entre 2001 e 2002, onde desenvolveu a parte gráfica de jogos para Web, Mobile e Consoles de Videogame (Mega Drive e Master System). Desde então começou a estudar e criar protótipos de games em Macromedia Flash e Shockwave Director.

   O primeiro protótipo criado como DAVILA GAMES foi o arcade “Invasor Estelar”, 2007 para PC, com a engine GameMaker e que mais tarde foi reescrito em ActionScript, pois com a ferramenta Flash Yuri começou a criar Webgames como o não publicado “Resgate Lunar” e os que hoje estão disponíveis online “Mentalize”, “Sobra 1”, “Encarceirados”, “Cubos e Cores”, entre outros.

   Em 2011 começou a desenvolver games 3D com a ferramenta Unity. Alguns títulos estão sendo produzidos para PC e Android.
   No final de 2012 lançou os primeiros Advergames criados para a feira internacional Elvis Brasil Experience Brasil e que também constam no catálogo online da DAVILA GAMES.

   O Website DAVILA GAMES foi ao ar, junto com os primeiros games, no ano de 2010 em sua primeira versão, adquirindo domínio próprio em 2011, e agora em 2018 ganhando uma nova versão 2.0 com tecnologia mais atualizada e interativa. Aproveite!

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Rua Engenheiro José Gomes, 407, casa 5


Development for the Multiplatform Games industry focused on Education and Literary Culture, rescuing books from forgotten Brazilian and Universal Literature. BooksGames-Br intends to encourage both in Brazil and in foreign markets the reading and knowledge of these works, greater public access and promote access to literature in the format of digital games. Increase the participation of Brazilian audiovisual content in auxiliary markets: Cellular, Consoles and Computers.
Desenvolvimento para indústria de Jogos Multiplataformas com foco em Educação e Cultura Literária, resgatando livros da Literatura Brasileira e Universal esquecidos. A BooksGames-Br pretende incentivar tanto no Brasil quanto nos mercados estrangeiros a leitura e conhecimento dessas obras, um maior acesso público e promover acesso a literatura em formato de jogos digitais. Aumentar a participação do conteúdo audiovisual brasileiro em mercados auxiliares: Celulares, Consoles e Computadores.

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R. Bela Cintra, 217

Cavylabs is a company focused on producing games, apps, innovation and sharing the knowledge acquired during the development journey. Besides producing its own content, Cavylabs is also a medium to help bringing people’s ideas to life.

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Florianópolis, SC

Maqna Interactive is a game development studio from Florianópolis, capital of Santa Catarina, Brazil. We’ve started developing our first published game in 2011, the thematic game Mamilos Molengas Game, released early 2012 on Facebook. At this same year, the company released more two games for Android devices on Google Play. A third game came out on april 2014, Mussoumano: Salvando as Latifas, available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices and for PS Vita and Ouya consoles. Until the year of 2015, the company released other two games for the mobile platforms, Tropical Kong Penalty and Slackline Infinite. Starting a new phase in the company, we have  started the development of Mussoumano’s second game, a 2.5D platformer adventure for PC and Xbox One.

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Marina da Glória

Smash Mountain Studio is specialized in virtual reality and game development. With extensive capabilities, we provide our clients with a full range of integrated tools and services, delivering crafted innovative experiences to help drive businesses and expectations.

Our streamlined and meticulous approach towards every project is built on creativity, authenticity and commitment.

We also develop our own games. Currently we are working on BeJJ: The Jiu-Jitsu Game for mobile, Android and iOS platforms.

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Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1912

Gixer Game Studio is a game development company focused on entertainment software. Motivated by the desire of raising the quality & innovation level in the market, we strive to always top ourselves off no matter the challenge.

Our team is one of the few in Brazil to contain certified Game Developers, awarded for their innovative ideas and implementations in digital games. This team of closely-knit personalities works in tandem with our 3D specialists, placing us in a strategic position to tackle most diverse challenges – may those be iOS, Facebook, or PC and Console games.

We have the solution for your problem.

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Rua Barao de Itapetininga, 273, sao paulo, sp

Indie Game Developer and Outsourcing Company.

Operating from the USA and Brazil.


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Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

Umbu Games is a Brazilian game development company, we develop unique and creative experiences in games for entertainment, education and advertising using traditional or new technology like virtual and augmented reality. The company was founded in 2015 and we are the proud creators of Death’s Life. In 2017, Umbu Games received investment and acceleration from Gamefounders, one of the biggest and best accelerators for game companies in the world. During that time, we had great mentors and acquired great knowledge.

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Av Doutor Rudge Ramos, 508

Founded by gaming and industrial simulators veterans, Cruel Byte is a game development studio focused on Virtual Reality, Mobile and PC markets, with focus on both original IPs and work for hire.

With one PC and eight mobile games released, two VR games in production, more than one million downloads worldwide, and responsible (with our partners Vetor Zero) for all of the Virtual and Augmented Reality areas of the Volkswagen stand on SP Motorshow 2016, Cruel Byte is focused on bringing incredible and engaging experiences for everyone.

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Florianópolis, SC

We are an indie game company founded in january 2014. We want to launch simple, but full of quality games. Our focus is the development of creative games that will bring small peculiarities in their gameplay, art, story and development, making the play an unique experience.

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(+55) 31 3243-4232

Rua Ignácio Alves Martins, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil

We are a small game development team located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Long Hat House was created in 2014 by Lucas Mattos and João Brant, two students at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, the first game called Magenta Arcade was launched on March 19, 2015. But the team had already worked in some games for Game Jams, one of which, called River Rage, won an award for best game during the I SBGames Jam, 2014. Currently working on the new mobile game Dandara.

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Rua Frederico Silva, 86, Office 521, Rio de Janeiro

Fableware is an independent storytelling studio specialized in writing screenplays and developing content for diverse platforms and transmedia projects. Click on our reel below!


We are a selected member of Rio Criativo, Rio de Janeiro’s (Brazil) business incubator for the creative economy sector, and boast a portfolio with incredible stories that includes both our own products and services hired for the entertainment, advertisement, and educational segments.

Among our works from literature, games, TV, to theme parks; are TV Globo’s telenovela, Geração Brasil, which was nominated for the 2015 International Digital Emmy Awards; the graphic novel “Dark Scar”; the Xpirado water slide attraction at Hot Park; the mobile card game for the Saint Seiya anime franchise; the multiplayer first person shooter, Ballistic; the espionage newsgame, Spy of Us; and the advergame, Webmotors Racing.

Currently, we are in charge of writing the game Sword Legacy: Omen, an epic tactical RPG based on the King Arthur legends, and developing its transmedia products.

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