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Rua Engenheiro José Gomes, 407, casa 5

Development for the Multiplatform Games industry focused on Education and Literary Culture, rescuing books from forgotten Brazilian and Universal Literature. BooksGames-Br intends to encourage both in Brazil and in foreign markets the reading and knowledge of these works, greater public access and promote access to literature in the format of digital games. Increase the participation of Brazilian audiovisual content in auxiliary markets: Cellular, Consoles and Computers.
Desenvolvimento para indústria de Jogos Multiplataformas com foco em Educação e Cultura Literária, resgatando livros da Literatura Brasileira e Universal esquecidos. A BooksGames-Br pretende incentivar tanto no Brasil quanto nos mercados estrangeiros a leitura e conhecimento dessas obras, um maior acesso público e promover acesso a literatura em formato de jogos digitais. Aumentar a participação do conteúdo audiovisual brasileiro em mercados auxiliares: Celulares, Consoles e Computadores.

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rio de janeiro

Brazil’s mobile gaming market is booming, and we can help you get the most out of it.

From product analysis to customer acquisition and marketing funding, Leela is the first Mobile Game Publisher focused in Brazil, formed by a team of industry veterans and backed up by Gazeus, Brazil’s biggest social/mobile game developer.


User Acquisition

We have our own network of games, local celebrities, PR channels and also provide budget for local user acquisition


Brazilians respond in an unique way to in-App Purchases. We provide monetization strategy and local payment support

Live Services

We think game as service. From post launch analysis to local customer support, we can fully manage your game in Brazil

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+55 11 51716940

Avenida Nova Independência, 87, São Paulo

Sioux is an interactive technology agency and has established itself as one of the top reference on gamification, advergames and gaming development in Brazil. Founded in 2001, the company has 4 main businesses unities: Play (game publisher), Tech (development), COMM (digital marketing) and IP (our own products). Sioux has over 1,300 project developed and more than 4M downloads in our apps. 

Working with companies like Santander, Brookfield, Warner Bros, Grow, Estrela, FTD, Pearson, Atento, Cinemark, Europ, Diamond, Ubisoft, Ingenico and others, our goal is to create connections between people and brands, in an engagement way thru technology. 

Visit our web site for more information or follow us on Facebook:



  • WAR: Featured on App Store
  • Brincando com Palavras: Featured on App Store
  • Brincando na rede: Web Award on Education Standard
  • Dead Punch: Top App on Russia Windows Store
  • EcoCity: Best Social Game in 2011 on BGS


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+55 11 55393001

R. Humberto I, 318, São Paulo

Virgo is a game development studio specialized in games for learning and social impact, aiming to solve real world problems. We believe in the power of games to promote insightful reflections, to support contextualized and meaningful learning and to bring positive social impact on pressing issues of our society.

The company was founded in 2005 and has published more than 30 titles in partnership with leading global organizations as Sesame Workshop, UNESCO and Volkswagen Foundation.

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+55 21 31970335

Rio Branco Avenue, 185, Office 1502 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Our mission is to dazzle and captivate gamers of all ages and walks of life worldwide with intelligent, challenging and breathtaking digital games.

Currently, we are focused on developing amazing projects for iOS, Android, Mac and PC about which we’ll soon disclose more details.

So, sit back and prepare yourself to open the lid on Pandora’s Box and have your mind blown away by our creations!

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+55 21 24295160

Avenida das Américas 8445, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro

Nuuvem is a digital distribution platform focused towards the Latin America market. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we’ve partnered with companies such as T2 (Rockstar and 2K), Ubisoft, Konami, Codemasters, EA and more than 100 publishers and developers around the globe to help them build their digital presence in Latin America.

We are also creating new technologies which will impact the global PC gaming market.

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+55 79 81143066

Firmino Fontes Street, 167, Office 3 - Aracaju, SE

Lumentech is brazilian based game development studio creating games since 2004. We have created over 40 successful projects using multiple technologies in several platforms. Flash and Unity 3D projects are our expertise, and we have plenty of experience in real time multiplayer games, using the industry standard Smart Fox Server.

Through these years the company has developed a consistent technical line of work and marketing approach, in 2007 we began working with outsourced productions and since then we have been working with customer base companies from many countries, such as Finland, India, Japan, United States and Brazil. With a well trained and motivated team, we value dynamism and efficiency in our activities, what allows us to introduce modern concepts to our creations.

Outsourcing allows companies to focus their efforts in their original activities and main goals, while the contracted company executes all the hard work. The partnership with outsourcing companies brings faster results and creates better quality products. By using our professionals to create games, the contractor will not have to worry about hiring and training people or even understanding all the details of a game’s development process. The contractor will have a close look and follow the evolution of the project through daily reports and accessing our issue tracking system, where progress can be measured and understood at any time. We work with fixed price, long duration projects or by man/hour values. Contact us and let us know about your plans.

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+55 11 32596116

Angélica Avenue, 1761, Office 43 - São Paulo, SP

Webcore Games is a division of Webcore, interactive solutions agency, which operates in the market since 1999. We develop exclusive games, made especially for a brand or product. We focus on the needs of each client, thus reaching our target consumers and their desired result. We have experience working with advertising agencies and companies of all different natures.

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+55 61 30413289

CLN 309, Block D, Ofice 215 - Brasilia, DF


Founded in 2011, The Balance Inc. is an indie game development studio, born inside the academia, as result of a common passion for game development.

Our goal is to unite immersion and fun, combining gameplay, art and audio at its maximum level.

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+55 11 2305-0125

Padre Artur Somensi Street, 91 - São Paulo, SP

Creating States of Hapiness

Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does.

Our mission is to create significant game experiences that will collaborate to a happier society by taking as many people as possible into a flux state, while getting ourselves into that state while we develop it.

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+55 51 30194177

Rio Grande do Sul

Rockhead Games is focused on projects designed for PC & consoles and next-gen handheld devices. These are our principles:

  • We are committed to create fun, deliver memorable moments, lead to imaginary worlds, present living characters, and challenge people by revisiting elements of the classic games, back to our time.
  • We strive to make elegant solutions, created as a custom outfit. Modular technology that adjust to the platform strengths and game features, as a glove.
  • And at last, but not least, we aim deliver valuable content to the public. Our goal relies on fair play and positive meanings, targeted for individual and collective growth.

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+55 11 996664383

São Paulo

We are a small passionate independent game studio from São Paulo, Brazil. 

Founded in July/2013, the studio focuses on delivering experiences with identity and high personality, for players that loves gaming. It’s first commercial title, Ninjin, received six awards on the brazilian event SBGames 2013, and critical acclaim on websites like TouchArcade, GameZebo, Kotaku Brasil. Pocket Trap was also one of the finalists of the event Indie Speed Run, which it’s game Hell Broker got chosen by Jason Rohrer. 

Feel free to contact us and give us a shout!

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