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Rua Barão do Triunfo, 718 - Menino Deus, Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul

Hermit Crab is a web and game development studio developing casual, mobile and PC games and applications. Founded in 2014 by Wallace Morais and Thiago Machado, who have been engaged in the game industry since 2006 and working together since 2011.

Our mission is to become a reference in the market with our interactive high quality solutions focused on the engagement of the users and players. We are founded upon the premise that we are building tools for entertainment, engagement and value for users and players.

Our Solutions

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Firmino Fontes Street, 167, Office 3 - Aracaju, SE

Lumentech is brazilian based game development studio creating games since 2004. We have created over 40 successful projects using multiple technologies in several platforms. Flash and Unity 3D projects are our expertise, and we have plenty of experience in real time multiplayer games, using the industry standard Smart Fox Server.

Through these years the company has developed a consistent technical line of work and marketing approach, in 2007 we began working with outsourced productions and since then we have been working with customer base companies from many countries, such as Finland, India, Japan, United States and Brazil. With a well trained and motivated team, we value dynamism and efficiency in our activities, what allows us to introduce modern concepts to our creations.

Outsourcing allows companies to focus their efforts in their original activities and main goals, while the contracted company executes all the hard work. The partnership with outsourcing companies brings faster results and creates better quality products. By using our professionals to create games, the contractor will not have to worry about hiring and training people or even understanding all the details of a game’s development process. The contractor will have a close look and follow the evolution of the project through daily reports and accessing our issue tracking system, where progress can be measured and understood at any time. We work with fixed price, long duration projects or by man/hour values. Contact us and let us know about your plans.

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Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue, 1912 - São Paulo, SP

Studio ZYX is a game development company focused on entertainment software. Motivated by the desire of raising the quality & innovation level in the market, we strive to always top ourselves off no matter the challenge.

Our team is one of the few in Brazil to contain certified Game Developers, awarded for their innovative ideas and implementations in digital games. This team of closely-knit personalities works in tandem with our 3D specialists, placing us in a strategic position to tackle most diverse challenges – may those be iOS, Facebook or PC games.

We have the solution for your problem.

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+55 48 32341004

Florianópolis, SC

Hoplon is a recognized publisher & developer that’s 100% Brazilian. After its foundation in 2000, the company became an example in development and publishing of F2P games, training skilled professionals whose expertise contribute to the strength of the Brazilian game development industry. By focusing on creative productions in regards to its players, Hoplon is, today, the largest and most important game development company in Brazil.

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Avenida Paulista, 575, São Paulo

BIG is the first and only independent games festival of its type in Latin America. Every year, BIG selects the best independent games in the world. Visual, sound, narrative and gameplay are taken into consideration for the selection of the games that will be exhibited. 

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Paulista Avenue, 575, Office 1708 - São Paulo, SP

Abragames is the Brazilian Digital Game Developers’ Association.

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João Moura Street - São Paulo, SP

GamePlan is a 360 consultancy prepared to help companies achieve their full potential in the Brazilian market.

We have a 360 approach to our client’s business with focus on our 5 competencies: Business, Market Research, Localization, Communication and Foreign Support, whose can be hired as a package, per competency or per single service. What matters is achieving your goals with ultimate quality and delivering the key results to maximize your ROI.

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+55 81 33270322

Paulista Avenue, 726, Floor 17 - São Paulo, SP

Kokku is a Social network game development company located in Recife/PE, Brazil.

The company develops browser-based games that work on social networking websites such as Facebook.

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+55 81 32240320

Barbosa Lima Avenue, 149, Office 211 - Recife, PE

Manifesto Game Studio currently employs 30 skilled professionals and has made games for companies such as FIAT, Brasil Telecom, Goodyear, Visa, Chamex and DetectaHotel.
We’ve also developed educational games for Macmillan and Editora IBEP.

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