Brazilian Game Companies

Brazilian Game Companies is brought to you by ABRAGAMES, BIG Festival & BGD Export, serving as one of the many tools employed towards our goal of promoting the Brazilian games industry internationally, developing new business opportunities for our companies and bringing recognition to an unexplored pool of highly qualified professionals.

The website is under the care of the awesome guys & gals responsible for BIG Festival, Brazil’s Independent Games Festival, the only of its kind in Latin America.

Institutions & Associations

Abragames, the Brazilian Game Developers Association, was founded in 2004 and represents Brazilian studios developing games in various platforms such as PC, consoles, mobile and web.

Besides catalyzing the game production in the country by training and promoting expertise, Abragames wishes to bring Brazilian creativity and technology to the main players of the international game industry.

BIG Festival is the first and only independent games festival of its kind in Latin America. Every year, BIG selects the best independent games in the world. Visual, sound, narrative and gameplay are taken into consideration and a selection of the most awesome games is exhibited to the public, completely free of charge, while developers enjoy a plethora of professional activities & unique opportunities.

Game Development in Brazil

Brazil is Latin America’s giant in every sense of the word; our highly diversified and industrialized economy is the largest in Latin America, and the 6th largest globally. With more than 200 million people, a well-educated middle class and millions of working-class citizens, Brazil’s importance as a consumer market is on a steep upward swing.

More than 45 institutions in the country including a few of the best universities in South America already dedicate special attention to games. There are more than 90 Programs, including master’s degrees, graduate, under-graduate and technical training to prepare professionals to meet international standards.