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São Paulo, SP

Founded in 2011, in the verge of expansion of social networks and smartphones, 2Mundos was created with a mission: To bring a new generation of digital content to the Latin American Market. After our initial goal and the partnership with companies around the world, 2Mundos have been getting the trust and recognition of big enterprises in the education, media, and technology sector, developing games, multiplatform apps, and digital platforms. With clients in LATAM, USA, and Europe, 2Mundos brings the Latino multicultural experience to provide the best possible solution in a globalized world.
With a very strong technical team, 2Mundos have the commitment in collaborating together with its partners and clients to create the best strategies and/or alternatives in the technical world. As a result, if your company needs to explore a new distribution channel, digital marketing channel, and/or business channel, it will be a privilege to help your company build the best possible solution for the challenges that it may face in this new era.

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Angélica Avenue, 1996 - São Paulo, SP

3Dvoyage is a Unity3D developer focused on applications for tablets and phones.

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Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro

3e60 develops virtual and augmented reality solutions for business including games and serious games. As a recently funded startup we’ve been developing some demo versions of AR games and VR solutions for our clients using the latest tech in development of immersive content.

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+55 11 3034 1031

Fidalga Street, 471 - Room 4 - São Paulo, SP

44 Toons Interactive is a game company specialized in IPs development and transmedia content. We produce games and apps from our brands and characters, together with our TV series and feature films production.

The association with 44 Toons, one of the biggest animation studio in Brazil, allow us to developed games connected with the audiovisual products, creating multiplatform storytelling that complement and expand the experience of the audience and users. 

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7Sounds was created in order to support the Independent Game Industry around the world. Our Wizards are ready to provide you with the best solutions in Game Audio such as Music Composition, Sound Design, Integration, Voice Over and Localization, all with the highest quality, the comfort of a service performed entirely at distance and at an affordable price. 

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+55 11 32052187

Rua Cardoso de Almeida, 313

8E7 Interactive Media is an interactive digital content producer focused on games, architecture, design and publicity projects, currently working in tandem with publicity agencies and clients. Our projects make use of the following digital medium: Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Gesture Control; Digital Scale Models; Applications and games.

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+55 48 84047957

Florianópolis, SC

9heads is a Brazilian independent game development team created in 2011 that works with Ogre3D, Bullet Physics and other resources that prove you can get exceptional results out of free tools.

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Paulista Avenue, 575, Office 1708 - São Paulo, SP

Abragames is the Brazilian Digital Game Developers’ Association.

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Av. Itavuvu, 11777 Distrito Industrial Zona Norte Sorocaba - SP - 18078-005

Crowd Games: Interactive games to entertain the audience of your event

Crowd Games brings a greater entertainment experience to an audience at any event through collaborative games that use cameras to capture movement and audience interaction.

Games can be developed and customised according to the event and target audience, meeting the needs of brand and product disclosure, bringing the public closer to the concept presented and providing fun and enthusiasm.

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51 99954-6664

Porto Alegre - RS

A AcusticaRS é uma empresa especializada no ramo do Sound Design.

Atua em todas as áreas do áudio profissional com experiência em produção, gravação em estúdio e externas, edição, mixagem e masterização.

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+55 46 99050869

Francisco Beltrão, PR

Adhoc 3D Productions has almost 10 years of experience in the 3D market, offering high-quality works crafted on state-of-the-art software & hardware.

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+55 11 4193-4919

Alameda Rio Negro, 1105 - Conj. 42, Barueri

VM2 Agency has started in early 2000 developmenting web projects and on-line advertising. It’s has been developing games since 2007 for companys like Samsung, Europa Films, Panco, CVC and Englishtown.

We develop for iOS, Android, PC and MAC plataforms using multiplataforms resources like Actionscript 3.0, Unity and HTML 5.0.

We manage every creation process in our projects: game design, script, soundtrack, sound effects, voice acting, illustration, animation, design and programming.

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+55 21 27054283

Acadêmico Gonçalves Street, 1 - Niterói, RJ

Aiyra is composed of game development professionals that believe in the importance of strengthening the national game market. We strive to develop distinguished products, capable of enveloping the public in relatable, immersive and fun experiences. This is, or should be, the main premise of all digital games.

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Shopping Downtown Av. das Américas 500, Bloco 21, Sala 260

A AKOM Studio é uma empresa de tecnologia que oferece experiências criativas e inspiradoras de alta qualidade, servindo-se da harmonia entre arte e tecnologia. A AKOM Studio desenvolve aplicativos, jogos, animação, Realidade Virtual e Realidade Aumentada, sendo a empresa responsável pela primeira experiência de RV de um filme de terror nacional.

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+55 71 99530134

Coronel Almerindo Rehem St., 459, Office 305 - Salvador, BA

Alemar Games focuses on developing F2P online games for social and mobile platforms. Using Unity3D plus internally developed client-server backend systems, the company is perfecting a production method for rapid delivery of AAA quality casual online games to web browsers and mobile devices with seamless cross-platform accessibility and function.

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+55 11 9 8645-7001

Rua Cubatao, 711 - São paulo, SP

We create games and apps for everyone.
Our goal is to delivery the best mobile experience, from children to adults, to let them have a good time, anytime and anywhere.
We focus to make the most fun, beautiful and easy to play games and apps for you.

Thank you for passing by and stay tuned, a lot of news are coming.
Aplay team.

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+55 51 982590231

Ipiranga Avenue, 6681, Building 93 - Porto Alegre, RS

AQUIRIS Game Studio has started its operations back in 2007. The company is based in Porto Alegre, southern of Brazil, inside one of the most important universities of the country, PUCRS.

AQUIRIS has developed projects for aviation, automotive, architectural and advertising markets. Currently we are making games for entertainment industry.

We are a very skilled studio in Unity 3D usage. Unity Technologies consider ourselves as one of the Top 5 best Unity developers in the world. We make games for Web, PC, MAC, Android and Apple platforms.

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+55 46 30553016

Francisco Beltrão, PR

At Arena 46, each project is treated like a dream coming true. Cherishing every idea, our philosophy is that each project is a collective composition, in which, each element is an essential part of its success.

With a smart and capable team, we have the key to turn ideas into amazing and innovative projects.

Design means solution. With everyone’s creativity and involvement we can reach the ideal aesthetics to bring each project into life.

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+55 21 21484802

Domingos Freire Street - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Asteristic has previously worked on several titles and game jams, making games such as Dreaming Sarah, Balloon Rescue, Kitty Sling, Trish, The Legend of Hopper and Soul Guy.

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+55 51 35911122

Avenida Unisinos, 950 - São Leopoldo, RS

Experimental game development studio for Technology Graduates majoring in Digital Games at the Unisinos University.

We strive to prepare developers for the job market while encouraging creative development in the games industry.

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Av. Ipiranga, 104, São Paulo, Brazil

AVIDO is a gaming company, we are located here in the Republic, one of the traditional neighborhoods of downtown São Paulo, in the chaos of this gigantic city decided to create games that have the ability to disconnect from day to day, this idea came in 2014 after 20 years of experience in media, advertising and conventional development market and from there we work and play with our projects.

We are in finalizing the development of our first two games and one of them can already be seen in the stores of Apple and Google. The first “Shoot The Clown KIDS” is a reinterpretation of the circus season, aimed at children the idea and throw pies at clowns and of course have fun with them.

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+55 61 81490116

SQHN 12, Conjunto 4, casa 2

Bad Minions is an indie studio founded in 2012. 

During the first two years of our company, we released titles for iOS and Android. They've allowed us to gather an experienced and skilled team to develop super fun and immersive 3D games for PC and Consoles.

Our main project, Alkimya, was a 2015 BIG Starter finalist. It’s an adventure game inspired entirely by Alchemy. We are also developing an episodic VR spin-off of this exciting universe.

Come dream with us!

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+55 11 37223596

São Paulo, SP

Bamba Music is an Audio Producer founded in 2005 and that strives to keep up with artistic tendencies and its meticulous quality standards.

We can help you tell stories and develop aesthetic and auditory experiences for any medium.

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+55 61 3034-3625

SHIN CA 5, Block E-2, Ed. Saint Martin, Room 9 - Brasília, DF

Behold Studios is a small indie game development studio, from Brasilia, capital of Brazil. The studio was founded in 2009 by Saulo Camarotti, and has been nominated and awarded several times since its beginning.

The team has been awarded on events such as SBGames in 2008 and 2012, BRGames 2009, and the most surprisingly success with the game Knights of Pen & Paper getting nominated by the Independent Games Festival a winner for the Student Showcase, and reviewed by IGN, Kotaku, TouchArcade, EuroGamer, and others. The game was also nominated as the game of the year in some websites, such SlideDB and UOL Jogos, and some other even said that is the best RPG ever created for mobile.

Today, the studio focus primarily in producing indie games for Steam and Mobile. But, based on recent contests and publishing partnerships, the team is also developing games for SONY and Microsoft Consoles.

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